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Find out why the MetaNet is the future of global computation. Microtransactions connected all around the world, it’s a system that people that like to move information fast, and securely, will appreciate.

Supply chains, imagine having one ledger to account for goods. Choose from a range of permissions and give your customers the option to see where their product is, when it will be delivered and how to order more.

Recruitment companies, you will be able to collate the data you want from candidates – they own it, which means you won’t have to worry about storing tonnes of files and sensitive information. Instead you will access and communicate the data they want you to. Mixing and matching employers with the candidates that work best for them.

Smart Contracts, microtransactions enable corporations to be paid instantly, in real time. Circumstances change, all the time, your can begin designing contracts that meet your criteria – if the weather changes, traffic is congested, stock doesn’t arrive. All can be contracted depending on these unique situations, you get paid based on the conditions you set.

MetaNetTV is your channel into this world, we introduce you to the people building systems that enable you to move at your pace.

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