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What is the MetaNet?

That’s the beginning for learning how a microtransactional internet works, imagine every action on the internet is contracted with tiny payments approximately 0.000001 cent per action.

No. More. Spam.

There will be a cost for sending unwanted information to people unknown to the sender, one that will have them question if they really want to click the ‘send’ button.

Microtransactions change the game with a variety of different options, content creators can be paid directly for their work (if they want), or choose a middleman and pay a small fee for their service.

People all around the world are able to participate in a microtransaction economy, those living in third world countries with access to the internet will be able to sell their goods and services by contracting their terms and conditions.

The MetaNet opens the doors to an open, free, global market.

Through a series of educational video’s and articles we introduce you to the people that are building the MetaNet right now. Meet them, learn what they’re building and why – the difference their creations will make for your life and get your questions answered.

We are your doorway into the MetaNet world, with links to blogs, forums, channels, businesses, sites, apps.. the people that are making this happen.

How will the MetaNet work for me?

Want to know how the MetaNet applies to your specific use case?

Ask Jon, Donald or Deggen.

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The MetaNet is currently under construction.

Your feedback is important, let us know what your business needs. Think for systems that would make your life easier. Communication, supply chains, products, services, storing, securing and accessing data

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