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Broadcasting news to you from the Forth Dimension, where Fintech, MetaNet and communication interwine to bring you the latest and greatest news direct from the source. Visit our team if you wish to find out more.

MetaNetTV Stars: Deggen, London Bitcoin Meetup Organizer

The First MetaNet Event

Bitcoin(sv) Lead Developer

Steve Shadders of nChain

Bitcoin and Beyond

They have seen BitCoin and seen some of the marvels that lay Beyond, and they’ve come back to help educate and share philosophies of the future to come. Visit our team if you wish to find out more.

Small World After All

BitCoin, Paymail, and..

The Return of Satoshi

Bitcoin News Update

Bitcoin Valuable?

Death at the Palace

Crash Course in Bitcoin

Twitter, Law, BitCoin

Reina Nakamoto

A gaming developer and expert thought leader within this sector, Reina Nakamoto interviews cover various elements and politics with the BitCoin and MetaNet space. Visit our team if you wish to find out more.

Kevin Pham, Jan 2019

Dr Craig Wright, Aug 2018

Marianne Jett

President of Premier Medical, Inc. a BitCoin thought leader that brings to you the words and knowledge from around the sector, bringing to you some of the best and brightest.

EDI Project, with Joshua Henslee

Craig S. Wright at CG Toronto

Ryan X. Charles at CG Toronto

Alex Agut, Handcash

Jerry Chan of SBI Holdings

Jimmy Nguyen. Bitcoin Association

Brendan Lee

BitCoin and MetaNet programmer and thought leader. With only a few years under his belt he has show his commitment across the board with his own proof of work.

BitCoin’s Exciting Future

What is the MetaNet

What is BitCoin